Ambient Factory sound library – a one year work result of sound-design, recording, morphing & mixing with sound waves from analog, digital & vst synthesizers & live instruments (different wind bells).

The library contains over 500 sounds in wave format & 555 patches adapted to the NI Kontakt 4 sampler. The palette of sounds is very wide – from analog strings, dreamy pads to another world sounds, re-sampled landscapes, moving sounds, wind bell pads & soviet synth sounds. This library is a great add-on for the creation of atmospheres, deepness, intro’s & outro’s in your music. However in the hands of experienced musician it can be an independent source for creation of whole track (check demo ”Ambient Factory Soundtrack”)

Nick Klimenko put all his patience, knowledges & creativity to make you happy during playing with the musical pieces!

List of used equipment: Novation Nova, Access Virus B, Arturia Analog Factory Experience, Yamaha AN1X, Roland JX-3P, Roland V-Synth 2.0, Korg Polysix vsti, NI Massive, Junost, Junost 75, Different Windbells (small,big & huge)

You can purchase it here:

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Thanks, Nick

Ambient Factory Soundtrack

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Sound Examples

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Library Sounds in Tracks

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