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A new member in the band - Irina Dieva with sitar

Welcome a new member in Chronos band: Irina Dieva with the Indian instrument - the sitar.

Irina about herself, the sitar and participation in the project:

Irina Dieva is a sitar player, actress, dancer. All her life Irina has been practising the art of theatre, music and dance. She is searching for synthesis of ethnos and modern in it and gets deep and original sounings and images. Since taking her first sitar (3 years ago) in hands Irina's life has started sounding with new resonators opening the depth of mystical sounding, and dreams of synthesis have penetrated further. And when the stars were aligned Irina happened by chance to get to know Chronos who is able to reach that very synthesis of acoustic and electronic sounding in his music in a imaginative, rhythmical, and lyrical way while creating deep and fascinating music.

Nick Klimenko about the sitar and Irina's participation in the project:

The sitar sounds are amazing, via reverb-device from TC Electronic they send away towards the Universe birth vibes. Irina is positive and open-minded, her optimistic and energy-charged image is now a part of our team. Welcome!

Irina Dieva

Next Performances

Mystic Sound Party

October 15, 2016, Russia