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"Helios" Out Now!

Chronos - Helios "Helios" was written in 10 days in one creative flow of mind connected all together with artist's heart and nature. During the year 2012, Nick has travel to Ukraine, India, Egypt, Russia and has recorded some interesting natural atmospheres and background sounds on a Tascam recorder. In this album you will hear Indian mantras and atmospheres of Delhi, dolphin's voices from Crimea, sea and water sounds from Russia and ancient big bells which were recorded in Moscow city during a playing session near an old church. You'll also hear some vocals from Nick's niece - 3 year old Naiia! Sharing the same passion for space music, Danish ambient master Proton Kinoun (well known after his debut album Aperion) and Nick have collaborated on the track entitled "Osiris" together. Finally Nick has stopped in Ukraine, Eupatoria under the sun and milky way at night where the album was arranged and mixed. Helios means "Sun" on ancient Greek language and its warm energy is going through the album with its sequences and spheres.If you like vast, mature and sonically expansive music, it's for you!

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