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Chronos - Inspirational Power is out now!

Chronos - Inspirational PowerRelease note
Beats & Pieces are very happy to release the third album from Chronos. The man behind Chronos is Russian musician, sound designer and producer Nick Klimenko. In his new album – Inspirational Power – Chronos explores and interacts with the world around him and the wonders it offers to those who make the effort to open up and observe. He does that using music and sound with a true passion and emotion and the strong atmospheres he manages to create engulf you and paint the world in new colours. The album is very diverse and offers a true musical experience using strong atmospheres, hypnotic structures, and incorporating electronics and acoustics. Welcome to a true deep psychedelic musical journey with a strong Inspirational Power.

Track list:
01. Autumn Leaves
02. Planetarium (Ambient Version)
03. Towards the Light House
04. Deus Ex Machina
05. Deep Unity (Album Version)
06. Sky Path (Folk Remix)
07. Planetarium (Taff Remix)
08. Asura - The Prophecy (Chronos Remix)
09. Optimistic Future
10. Forgiveness

Here is mixed version of album:

Next Performances

Mystic Sound Party

October 15, 2016, Russia