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When Mars Meets Venus was released on the 15th of March!

Chronos - When Mars Meets Venus"Our new album "When Mars Meets Venus" appeared on the 15th of March. Release was published on Altar Records (Canada) label. This is a double cd limited edition in Deluxe Eco-Digipack case. The album combines with such music styles like downtempo, space music, ambient, soundtrack, idm, dubstep and also with many different fragments of musical mosaic.
The first CD is entitled "Mars". The music presented in this part of album is filled with vivid energy and characterizes a machismo.
The second CD is entitled "Venus". The music is calm, atmospheric and deep in this part of album. The music is filled with passion and harmony, conciliation and this can be related to femininity.
Nikita Klimenko (aka Chronos) about the album "When Mars Meets Venus":
"The story was made after inspirational ideas coming from great science fiction writers: Ivan Efremov, Stanislav Lem, Ray Bradbury.
It's also a story featuring unconditional love which is present everywhere in our universe and about the principles of relationships of man (Mars) & woman (Venus)."

"Mars" track list:
01. Leaving Geia (Mechanical Edit)
02. Arkturus
03. Hi Tech Mosaic
04. Sequenced Engine
05. Zirda
06. One Touch & Whole Life
07. Shining Parallel World
08. Lullaby For The Little Robot
09. Broken Song
10. Pain Feedback
11. Alex Sparky

"Venus" track list:
01. Leaving Geia
02. Vector Of Friendship
03. Star Swimmer
04. Red Planet
05. Dark Flame Landing
06. Soaring In Abyss
07. Venus Eyes
08. Eclipse Of Inner World
09. Galactic Winter

Listen and purchase new double-cd album of Chronos - "When Mars Meets Venus" (in CD format) on web site. You can download "When Mars Meets Venus" in digital format in store:
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Chronos - Dandelions As Memory

Chronos - Dandelions As Memory"Dandelions As Memory" of Chronos project released on the 10th of January in VA "Special Places". Beautiful female voice adorns this track that is made in downtempo style. Also there are elements of Ambient, Glitch and Modern Classical styles. Listen and download a new work of Chronos - "Dandelions As Memory" on!


"When Mars Meets Venus" a concert of Cosmic Electronic music part 2 - presentation of the album "Mars"

Space Ambient Concert & presentation of the album Mars On the 7th of april the second of Chronos - "When Mars Meets Venus" presentation will take place. The sound of this album has a manly energy - dance, dynamic beats united with emotional melody. For all fans of world science fiction and authors such as Stanislaw Lem, Ivan Efremov, "Ray" Bradbury, Isaac Asimov.

Line up:
Chronos (Ajana rec., Altar rec., Beats & Pieces rec., Sentimony Rec., Ajnavision Rec., Soundmute Rec., Uxmal rec. and others)
C.J.CATALIZER (Ajana rec., Altar rec., Underheaven promotion)
Yury Astral & "Evolution music instruments" Co (

The date, time and place:
07.04.12 (Saturday) at 19:00
Moscow, m.Tekstilchiki, Lyublinskaya st., 11, Molodezhniy cinema.
Contact phone number: 8-925-991-58-02

250 r. (pre-sale) 350 r. at event.

You can book a ticket by telephone:


Presentation of the new album!

Space Ambient Concert & presentation of upcoming 5th album A space ambient concert was held with the participation of Chronos project on the 28th of January. The new 5th album "When Mars Meets Venus" was presented. Also this event was held in memory of Nikita's brother - Alex (Sparky) Klimenko. You could see a photo review of this show on flickr and watch shot live video on youtube.


Unique Space Ambient Concert & presentation of upcoming 5th album "When Mars Meets Venus"

When Mars Meets Venus. 28 Jan 2012 - Moscow28 January - Moscow - Saliut Cinema - 20.00

This concert dedicaited to life of my dear brother Alex Klimenko who's gone this december. My teacher on life path. Wide & Warm Hearth. The best inspirator each day. He share the light with everyone on his path. He went to Stars. With Smile. Now I know what is pride. Pride is to be your Brother.


Our new EP "Space Sweets & Logical Beats" is out!

Chronos Live Promo Pack 2011Our new EP "Space Sweets & Logical Beats" is out! A set of space cakes & candies mixed with dynamic percussion, free flight of fantasy in space & time.

More info:



When Mars Meets Venus (4&5 - double cd) album in 2012!

Chronos - When Mars Meets VenusDear Friends,
We're announcing you upcoming massive & ambitious project -

"When Mars Meets Venus,
Music for the imaginary Space Film"

The story under inspiration of great science fiction writers: Ivan Efremov, Stanislav Lem, Ray Bradbury.
The story about Unconditional love everywhere in our universe & about the principles of releationships
of Man (Mars) & Woman (Venus)

It will be double cd album containig wide palete of musical colours,deepest emotions,experiments in various musical styles:

cd1: Mars (downtempo, space music, ambient, soundtrack, idm, dubstep & many more)
cd2: Venus (space ambient, soundtrack music)

You can check previews here:

Also promo video trailer:

Will keep you updated.


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