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6th album "We Are One" is out now!


Mystic Sound Records is proud to present 6th full-lenght album of one of the best chillout projects on worldwide electronic scene – Chronos – We Are One (Originals & remixes). The album calls for consolidation and unification of all living creatures on Earth, as well as behind of its orbit in the vast expanses of our comprehensive home which name is Space. 

Music of the album is the mix of the finest yarns of advanced electronics and powerful modern grooves, seamlessly interwoven with a melancholic cello and virtuoso guitar. 
Stylistically, the album is extremely varied – from enveloping beat less ambient through downtempo beats and live drums and sound-track passages to modern dance & idm grooves and trendy dubstep & breaks. 

In the sound presents new tracks as well as different vision of producer on the favorite tracks, which were written for the entire lifetime of the project. 


01. Synth Tuning 
02. Endless Rotation Of Feelings 
03. We Are One 
04. Space Cake (Gayatri Evening Version) 
05. Solar Movement 2013 
06. One Touch & Whole Life (United Rmx) 
07. Tetra Window Room 
08. Lullaby For The Little Robot (Acoustic Mix) 
09. Limits Breaker (Album Version) 
10. Alex Sparky (Progressive Mix)


released 30 May 2014 

Written&Produced by Nick Klimenko 
Mastering: Dream Saver Mastering, except tracks 4, 10 by Edward Cybered 
Cover art: Serge Grabinsky



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"Helios" Out Now!

Chronos - Helios "Helios" was written in 10 days in one creative flow of mind connected all together with artist's heart and nature. During the year 2012, Nick has travel to Ukraine, India, Egypt, Russia and has recorded some interesting natural atmospheres and background sounds on a Tascam recorder. In this album you will hear Indian mantras and atmospheres of Delhi, dolphin's voices from Crimea, sea and water sounds from Russia and ancient big bells which were recorded in Moscow city during a playing session near an old church. You'll also hear some vocals from Nick's niece - 3 year old Naiia! Sharing the same passion for space music, Danish ambient master Proton Kinoun (well known after his debut album Aperion) and Nick have collaborated on the track entitled "Osiris" together. Finally Nick has stopped in Ukraine, Eupatoria under the sun and milky way at night where the album was arranged and mixed. Helios means "Sun" on ancient Greek language and its warm energy is going through the album with its sequences and spheres.If you like vast, mature and sonically expansive music, it's for you!

Buy and listen "Helios" now!
Watch the video trailer Chronos - Helios @!


Chronos - Mars & Venus remixes EP Out Now!

Chronos - Mars & Venus remixes EPNick Klimenko aka Chronos act from Moscow presents 3 beautiful remixed tracks digitally released in an EP entitled "Mars & Venus remixes". The original versions are taken from both original albums "When Mars Meets Venus" released in 2012 on Altar Records. If you never heard about them, they are linked just below. Give them a try if you like ambient, space-ambient and psychill. You won't regret it!
01. Red Planet (Unusual Cosmic Process remix)
02. Broken Song (Acidkit remix)
03. Drifting In Opened Cosmos (Solindro & Font remix)
Featuring the amazing and peaceful cover artwork "Meditation" by Elena Ukolova aka 'Mushrushu' from Moscow, Russia. Visit her page @

Buy and listen new Mars & Venus remixes EP now!
Also buy and listen When Mars Meets Venus [CD1] and When Mars Meets Venus [CD2].


Chronos - Summer Tales mix 2013 Out Now!

Chronos - Travelling Summer Tales Summer Never Ends!
01. Chronos & Planetarium - Lifelong Trip (Plusquam rec, recorded in Moscow)
02. Chronos & UMKA Fx - Pusa (Sticky Jam, recorded in Kazan-Moscow)
03. Chronos - Sky Path (Extended Folk Remix, Plusquam rec)
04. Chronos - Deus Ex Machina (Festival Edit, Random rec)
05. Chronos - Tiempo De Misterio (Uxmal rec)
06. Chronos - Sequenced Engine (Remix, Uxmal rec)
07. Chronos - One Warm Evening (recorded in Vienna with Jane Nicoletta)
08. Chronos - Natural Crystal (recorded in Vienna with Jane Nicoletta)
09. Chronos - Limits Breaker (Plusquam rec)
10. Chronos - Cooperative Minds (Plusquam rec)
11. Chronos - Earth Path (Plusquam rec)

Download a new "Travelling Summer Tales" mix.
Listen the "Travelling Summer Tales" mix @


"We Are One" album presentation in Kiev Planetarium!

Chronos - We Are One 8th august "We Are One" album presentation in Kiev Planetarium!
Live musical & visual show under the stars.


Chronos - We Are One

Trailer of upcoming 6th Chronos album - "We Are One" which will b released this summer.
Enjoy & check updates here: and


Интервью Никиты Клименко (Chronos) с MUZBIZNES

Интервью Никиты Клименко с MUZBIZNES


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