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10 Years Re-release at Mystic Sound Records

Chronos project and Mystic Sound Records have prepared a true surprise for their listeners to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Chronos project. Keeping up with the tradition of Solar Fields, ISHQ and other famous musicians we've decided to breathe a new life into the tracks released during the whole life-period of Chronos project - 10 Years Re-release!

We've combined almost all the tracks released in different compilations all over the world for the recent years into 3 albums personifying our life in Latin:

Spiritus - Spirit

Animo - Soul

Technologia - Mind

The albums will consist of your favourite tracks, nostalgic memories and several new works. Each album are highly mastered by Manifold Studio, the cover designs are provided by Elena Ukolova. The albums will appear one by one and will be available for free download on Mystic Sound Records page at Bandcamp and our friendly Ektoplazm portal.

Have nice trips!


Nik Klimenko's interview at Artifex

An interview with Nikita Klimenko was published on November, 6, 2014 at Artifex creative almanac.

He compares the process of writing a track with a star birth, he calls his music the reflection of the world cognition, and puts the entire phylosophy into his sound tracks. Physical laws are interlaced with cosmic tunes in the creative work of Nikita Klimenko, Chronos band leader. His works take the listeners away into virtual intergalactic flights where hearing and imagination paly the main parts.



Russia: Psychedelic downtempo scene and community

The article Russia: Psychedelic downtempo scene and community written by Nik Klimenko was published on November, 7, 2014 at the respectable and friendly portal

We have lots of successful musicians in every subgenre of electronic music & scene is becoming stronger day by day.


Dinara Yuldasheva cooperation

Dinara Yuldasheva is an ethnic soul singer, Sound Advice group member, a percussion player, an African drums teacher!
She's been practicing music since childhood (11 years of the violin and the piano), and since 2011 she's been closely in touch with drums (the djembe, the cajon) and Sun Drums school.
Spriritual development and creative self-fulfillment are the core criteria of her life, that's probably the reason why Chronos project and Di have crossed their music paths!
Dinara Yuldasheva


Sylenth 1 - 2014 soundset by Nick Klimenko

My official soundset for Lennar Digital Sylenth1.
It contains more than 60 patches - arps, basses, leads, fx, plucks, etc.

I made it during 3 years of sound production.
Love this synth!

You can get it for free here:


Ethneomystica Vol. 2 by Mystic Sound Records

Our participation with Leelah track in Maiia's compilation Ethneomystica Vol. 2 (Psybreaks, Psydub, Psychill) released at Mystic Sound Records

Ethneomystica 2


CHRONOS 10 years!

CHRONOS 10 years!
Thanks for your support folks for all this time & space.

Future plans for the next 365 days.

1. Audio-visual-performance film "Helios" 
A meditative journey in the style of "Atlas Dei" by Robert Rich & Dan Colvin.
Bright nature, author's photos & graphics, beauitiful dances - all in one source of consciousness.

2. Re-release of all tracks which have been released on compilations in the last 10 years in 3 free-promo releases with the support of Alla Vagner aka Maiia & Mystic Sound Records.

3. Collaborative album "Chronos & Friends" with friends around the world in a few parts.

4. Next odyssey - Helios 2 "Planetary Movements"
Deep ambient saga combined with modern chillgressive rhytms.

5. New tracks, singles, faces, parties & surprises.

Stay tuned!

Chronos at 10th anniversary


Next Performances

Mystic Sound Party

October 15, 2016, Russia