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Interview for Samara Faces

During our stay in Samara for the exclusive concert in the tea club "Chaikovskiy" Nick gave an interview for the guest project "Samara faces". The questions were interesting, so were the answers: space, inspiration, album as a life book, emotions of tracks, music birth, etc.

You can read it HERE.



Spiritus by Mystic Sound Records

The first part of the Chronos trilogy has been released at Mystic Sound Records on 06 November 2014.

Spiritus - 10 tracks from different compilations, but this time mastered by Manifold Studio. New sounding of familiar tracks, soft rhythms, ambient atmospheres, live instruments sounds - all strong points of Chronos musia are present in this release.


01. Chronos – Anahata Fire
02. Chronos – Warmth
03. Chronos – Dandelions As Memory
04. Chronos – Mystery Of Time
05. Chronos – Achronon
06. Chronos – Tiempo De Misterio
07. Chronos vs Umka Fx – Pusa
08. Chronos – Big Vargan
09. Zen – Speak Your Mind (Chronos Remix)
10. Chronos – The Bell & Space




OST (Original Sound Tracks) Mix

The collection of my soundtracks created for the recent 5 years and united organically into a single wave stream. These are live stories - joyful and sad and meditative - it's a stream of consciousness and emotions. Some tracks were used in promo-videos and TV-programmes, were shown in cinemas and planetariums.
Now they are united in one mix to show another angle of Chronos sounding.


01. The Call
02. Leaving Geia
03. Forgiveness
04. Eclipse Of Inner World
05. Dark Flame Landing
06. Dandelions As Memory
07. Alex Sparky
08. Prophecy Remix
09. Optimistic Future
10. Leelah
11. Quid Est Veritas

Listen at mixcloud




Our friendly Canada label Altar Records has released two excellent compilations "Top 40 AMBIENT TRACKS" with such chill-masters participations as Alwoods, Asura, Aes Dana, Solar Fields, E-Mantra, Cabeiri, etc.

The compilation of 2013 "Top 40 AMBIENT TRACKS" includes our tracks: Osiris, Soaring In Abyss, Morning Shining

The compilation of 2014 "Top 40 AMBIENT TRACKS VOL​.​2" includes our tracks: Planetarium remix, Oracul

As DJ Zen says: Expect space-ambient, chill-out and down-tempo music with a trancey touch.

Recommend for our listeners!



Samara Concert

On November 29, 2014 we - Nick, Alexey-guitar and Dinara-vocal - are giving a downtempo concert in tea club Chaikovskiy in the ancient city of Samara. It'll be another official presentation of "We Are One" album together with the packed programme of the evening: tea ceremonies, Mehndi painting, ethnic bijou sell, hang and percussion performances. In addition Nick is presenting his pedning debut album "Orbital Groove" of his progressive dance project NK Vibes.




10 Years Re-release at Mystic Sound Records

Chronos project and Mystic Sound Records have prepared a true surprise for their listeners to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Chronos project. Keeping up with the tradition of Solar Fields, ISHQ and other famous musicians we've decided to breathe a new life into the tracks released during the whole life-period of Chronos project - 10 Years Re-release!

We've combined almost all the tracks released in different compilations all over the world for the recent years into 3 albums personifying our life in Latin:

Spiritus - Spirit

Animo - Soul

Technologia - Mind

The albums will consist of your favourite tracks, nostalgic memories and several new works. Each album are highly mastered by Manifold Studio, the cover designs are provided by Elena Ukolova. The albums will appear one by one and will be available for free download on Mystic Sound Records page at Bandcamp and our friendly Ektoplazm portal.

Have nice trips!


Nik Klimenko's interview at Artifex

An interview with Nikita Klimenko was published on November, 6, 2014 at Artifex creative almanac.

He compares the process of writing a track with a star birth, he calls his music the reflection of the world cognition, and puts the entire phylosophy into his sound tracks. Physical laws are interlaced with cosmic tunes in the creative work of Nikita Klimenko, Chronos band leader. His works take the listeners away into virtual intergalactic flights where hearing and imagination paly the main parts.



Next Performances

Mystic Sound Party

October 15, 2016, Russia