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Fifth Dimension vol.5 compilation by O2 net label

Our participation with Sequenced Engine Remix in the Fifth Dimension Vol. 5 15-track compilation (Space, Electronic, Ambient) released at O2 Net Label


Interview for

A very extended technical interview of Nick Klimenko for Personal Audio portal about headphones, amplifiers, audio cards, speaker systems, stage sounding, High Quality, cds, cabels, tube sound, multichannel audio, musical instruments, iPad, commercial music and so on. Dated 17.01.2013.

You can read it HERE.


Cosmic progressive album Orbital Groove - psybreaks/progressive project NK Vibes

After 10 years of composing downtempo and ambient music Nick has returned to dance-floor sounding based on intelligent progressive trance, breaks and cinematic style with cosmic atmosphere addings. This disk is the answer to the question which people asked at large festivals and parties: how will Chronos music sound on the dance-floor?

Genre: progressive trance/breaks
Label: Uxmal Records (Mexico)


1. Two
2. Centauri
3. Integra
4. Orbital Groove
5. Chimera
6. Massive
7. Vega
8. Spread The Wings
9. Simple Things
10. Vega (Pantograph rmx)

»for downloading 24 bits original
»for downloading 24 bits original
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To listen and to buy:;

NK Vibes at soundcloud

Cover design: Elena Ukolova


Chronos in Wikipedia

Chronos is a Russian music band formed in 2004 in Moscow. The project was started by Niсk Klimenko, a professional musician and sound engineer. The musical style of the project varies greatly within different genres of electronic music combined with motives of classical and ethnic music as well as vocal and recordings of nature sounds and live voices.

Full Wikipedia article


Ethneomystica Vol. 3 by Mystic Sound Records

Our participation with the opening provocative Kunilingus track in Maiia's compilation Ethneomystica Vol. 3 (Psybreaks, Psydub, Psychill) released at Mystic Sound Records



Interview for Samara Faces

During our stay in Samara for the exclusive concert in the tea club "Chaikovskiy" Nick gave an interview for the guest project "Samara faces". The questions were interesting, so were the answers: space, inspiration, album as a life book, emotions of tracks, music birth, etc.

You can read it HERE.



Spiritus by Mystic Sound Records

The first part of the Chronos trilogy has been released at Mystic Sound Records on 06 November 2014.

Spiritus - 10 tracks from different compilations, but this time mastered by Manifold Studio. New sounding of familiar tracks, soft rhythms, ambient atmospheres, live instruments sounds - all strong points of Chronos musia are present in this release.


01. Chronos – Anahata Fire
02. Chronos – Warmth
03. Chronos – Dandelions As Memory
04. Chronos – Mystery Of Time
05. Chronos – Achronon
06. Chronos – Tiempo De Misterio
07. Chronos vs Umka Fx – Pusa
08. Chronos – Big Vargan
09. Zen – Speak Your Mind (Chronos Remix)
10. Chronos – The Bell & Space




Next Performances

Mystic Sound Party

October 15, 2016, Russia