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Music from HELIOS film

Our friendly label Altar Records, Canada, on March 10, 2015 released a digital remixed and remastered version of our internationally acclaimed Helios album of cosmic ambient. The released named "Music from HELIOS film" is the soundtrack for the authorship movie Helios the idea of which belongs to Nikita Klimenko (Chronos) and which was realised by his team. The film was first shown on the large screen at the Kinosphera cinema, Moscow, on March 27, 2015.

The tracklick follows:

1. A New Moon
2. Ancience
3. No Chaos
4. Oracul Dance
5. Osiris Dance
6. Starset
7. Unusual Circles

You can download it at Altar Records' bandcamp page.

The meditative multi-genre movie Helios itself is available for your attention at youtube. Watch, immerse yourself, think, relax, and enjoy!

We are happy to present our debut work of this kind - an interlacing of music, visuals, dances, cosmic shots, sand animation, and deep meanings.


Helios movie is ready for the cinema

We are happy to present our audio-visual performance film "HELIOS" at the Kinosphera cinema, Moscow, on March 27, 2015.

Following the dream & inspiration from "Baraka", "Atlas Dei" , "Ashes & Snow" during last 10 years Nick decide to combine author photos, video-clips, computer graphics, dances & performances with music from Chronos - "Helios" album - reworked & remastered in one source - a Meditative movie.

One hour immersion in the beauity of nature, modern technologies, dances, ethnic cultures & deep space, sand drawings - with no chaos & rush of everyday city life. We gathered 10 persons together to team up & work on this project - to create 6 different chapters: from the memory of Earth to the Space, from light character to mystic rituals, from the forces of nature to the religious & faith feelings.



Chronos at

We are happy to have 35 263 listeners and 405 059 playbacks at the powerful music portal!

Thank you for your support!


Technologia by Mystic Sound Records

The second part of the Chronos trilogy was released at Mystic Sound Records on 25 February 2015.

Technologia - the following ten excellent tracks bringing your favorite Chronos sound from all-world compilations.


01 – Chronos – Free Falling
02 – Chronos – Planetarium (Aquarius Edit)
03 – Chronos – Sacral Meetings
04 – Chronos – Space Cake
05 – Chronos – Deus Ex Machina (Festival Edit)
06 – Chronos & Catalizer – Spiral Clouds (Kumharas Edit)
07 – Chronos – Solar Movement (Paleolithic Edit)
08 – Chronos – 21th Century
09 – Chronos – Swinging Satori
10 – Chronos – Endless Rotation



Fifth Dimension vol.5 compilation by O2 net label

Our participation with Sequenced Engine Remix in the Fifth Dimension Vol. 5 15-track compilation (Space, Electronic, Ambient) released at O2 Net Label


Interview for

A very extended technical interview of Nick Klimenko for Personal Audio portal about headphones, amplifiers, audio cards, speaker systems, stage sounding, High Quality, cds, cabels, tube sound, multichannel audio, musical instruments, iPad, commercial music and so on. Dated 17.01.2013.

You can read it HERE.


Cosmic progressive album Orbital Groove - psybreaks/progressive project NK Vibes

After 10 years of composing downtempo and ambient music Nick has returned to dance-floor sounding based on intelligent progressive trance, breaks and cinematic style with cosmic atmosphere addings. This disk is the answer to the question which people asked at large festivals and parties: how will Chronos music sound on the dance-floor?

Genre: progressive trance/breaks
Label: Uxmal Records (Mexico)


1. Two
2. Centauri
3. Integra
4. Orbital Groove
5. Chimera
6. Massive
7. Vega
8. Spread The Wings
9. Simple Things
10. Vega (Pantograph rmx)

»for downloading 24 bits original
»for downloading 24 bits original
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To listen and to buy:;

NK Vibes at soundcloud

Cover design: Elena Ukolova


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