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Zikkurat in VA Organic Beats Vol.4

The new track - Zikkurat - is released in the compilation Organic Beats Vol.4, mixed by dj Zen at Altar Records. Chillgressive tunes are new for Chronos creation!


VA Fifth Dimension Vol.6 - Venus Eyes re-release

Our participation with re-release of Venus Eyes track in the Fifth Dimension Vol. 6 17-track compilation (Space, Electronic, Ambient) released at O2 Net Label


A new member in the band - Olga Bulanova with the flute

Welcome the new member in Chronos band - Olga Bulanova with the flute. She is a professional musician, a tutor, a sound producer, has perfomed in large symphony orchestras, and also plays the saxophone, the keyboard, vocals. She is devoted to the flute which gives new colours to Chronos tracks and makes listeners' hearts vibrate.
Olga about her participation in Chronos project: "Nick's music is close to what I feel, and it inspires my creativity. I'm happy to have an opportunity to communicate all these sophisticated feelings to listeners together with the remarkable musicians playing in Chronos project".


New release - Sequenced Lights

Yesterday Kissthesound Records released a mini-album by Chronos Sequenced Lights consisting of two classic cosmic electronic tracks - Aurora Borealis & Feeling Of Thunderclouds (ft. Phaeton Lights).

Nick about the release: 2 different spaces: one is warm and optimistically future-oriented (Aurora Borealis), filled with fairy splashes and classic sequencer sounds of the 80s. The other is cold and experimental, it leaves us alone with ourselves and the dark of the starry vacuum (Feeling Of Thunderclouds (ft. Phaeton Lights). The track was produced together with a musician from Omsk - Ilia Shpakin as a vector of his studying sound-design basis in Stereoschool.

Sequenced Lights


Cultural Legacy - a new track in VA Integration with Nature

The new track - Cultural Legacy - is released in the compilation Integration with Nature compiled by Maiia at Mystic Sound Records.

Nick about the track: A musician performing complex arrangements should have buddha tolerance to procede with mixing a myriad of tracks so that the whole composition is intertwisted in a single harmonious stream.


Free Falling (Freedom mix) in VA Dreaming Awakening part 2

The new track - Free Falling (Freedom mix) - is released in the compilation Dreaming Awakening, part two by Dreaming Awakening Records.

Nick about the track: Do you remember Free Falling? The track was released at EP “Space Sweets and Logical Beats”. 6 years passed and I’ve decided to re-energise it with new emotions: drum’n’bass intercrossed with idm and an ambient vibes elixir. There is perfect freedom inside the track - colours, sequences live their own life. A live violin supplements the ensemble and adds dramatic mood.

Dreaming Awakening


Busy festival summer of 2015

This summer is going to be busy with open-air musical festivals for Chronos and NK Vibes projects. They follow this way:

06-11 June: Kwammanga, Chronos (Anapa)

11-14 June: Trimurti, Chronos (a region close to Moscow)

19-21 June: Forest Quest, Chronos (a region close to Moscow)

02-05 July: Imaginarium, Chronos/NK Vibes (a region close to Moscow)

17-19 July: Chillout Planet Festival, Chronos/NK Vibes (a region close to Moscow)

23-27 July: The opening of the DOM Eco Cluster in the Ugra national park, Chronos/NK Vibes (Kaluga region)

31 July - 02 August: Alternative Tourism Seminar, Chronos (Dubna, the Moscow sea)

6-10 August: Skazka2: Dream, Chronos (a region close to Moscow)

14-16 August: Eco-festival "FourE", Chronos (Almaty)


Next Performances

Mystic Sound Party

October 15, 2016, Russia