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Downtempo Temple release at 3Plet

Downtempo Temple is a digital free release by Chronos at the 3Plet innovative platform as an application for i-pad, i-phone or any Android device. 12 tracks are accompanied by author stories and photos for each track.


01. Shimmer
02. Urban Life
03. Ego Remover
04. Moving Satori (live version)
05. Muzeon
06. Sigguratu
07. Cultural Legacy (live version)
08. Kunilingus
09. Free Falling (freedom mix)
10. Leelah

Link for download.



Official teaser for the coming album

The new full-format album is being released in spring 2016 at Mystic Sound Records - Keep in Your Heart.

This is an official teaser for it and a video for one of the 12 tracks Only Love.


Senses Above Thoughts (Original Mix)

The new track Senses Above Thoughts (Original Mix) is released in the compilation New Day Under New Sky compiled by Solarsoul at Galileo Dreams Records.

You can listen to it at soundcloud.


Muzeon in VA Implications Of Understanding

The new track Muzeon is released in the compilation Implications Of Understanding at HorsePower Productions.

You can listen to it at soundcloud.


Limitless Highway in VA Ethneomystica Vol. 4

The new track - Chronos & OkoloSna – Limitless Highway - is released in the compilation Ethneomystica Vol. 4 compiled by Maiia at Mystic Sound Records.


Ambius Planetarium Mix

A new Ambient mix!

Have you been to a planetarium? Have you dived into the atmosphere of the starry sky and its celestial bodies? Have you ever lain in a night field watching the stars? Then this mix is for you! Absolute cosmic immersion into the world of ambient sounding. Tracks from some of our albums are interweaved in a unique trip for dreaming, meditation and full melting in time-stopping spheres.


01. Star Swimmer
02. Deimos
03. Red Planet
04. Moon Through A Lense
05. Vector Of Friendship
06. Sunset And A Star
07. Venus Eyes
08. Ancient Bells
09. Dolphinum

Listen at mixcloud


Ego Remover in VA Dimensions Reflections

The new track - Ego Remover - is released in the compilation Dimensions Reflections compiled by Fusionista at Mystic Sound Records.


Next Performances

Mystic Sound Party

October 15, 2016, Russia