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Masala Putri (Urban Groove Edit)

 Masala Putri (Urban Groove Edit) is released at Cosmicleaf Records.


Mini-release War at Plastic Magic Records

The War Original Mix is released at Plastic Magic Records.



Russian South tour

Chronos is going on Russian South tour with Irina Dieva (sitar, dance) and Natalia Karpova (djembe, percussion).

October 6th - Stavropol; October 7th - Krasnodar; October 9th - Yessentuki.


Deimos (On Orbit Edit) in VA Starseed

The remix Deimos (On Orbit Edit) is released in the compilation Starseed at Synphaera Records (Los Angeles), in CD format as well.

You can listen to it at soundcloud.


Chronos live @ Samsara

The recorded set of the Chronos project live performance at the Samsara Festival in Hungary, July 2016. You can listen to it at mixcloud.


1. Towards The Lighthouse
2. Only Love
3. Keep In Your Heart
4. Masala Putri (Urban Groove Edit)
5. One Warm Evening
6. Natutral Crystal
7. Solar Movement 2013
8. Monks Gona Funky
9. Moving Satori
10. I'll Better Walk Alone
11. Cultural Legacy (live version)
12. Limits Breaker (live version)
13. Kunilingus
14. Birma In Afterglow
15. Zikkurat (live version)



Deep-house track Your Tender Hope

Debut house-release - Your Tender Hope track - at Plastic Magic Records.

You can listen to it at soundcloud.

Buy at itunes.


New album - Keep in Your Heart

The 12-th full-length album of the Chronos project - Keep in Your Heart - was released at Mystic Sound Records on May 21 2016 in CD and digital formats.

Keep In Your Heart is a dozen of exciting tracks, each with its own character and atmosphere and united by the one and only idea – to keep only positive vibes in your heart.

From Bollywood unrestrained merriment to serious and deep thoughts, the album contains a various set of emotions, but what can be said with no doubt is that the album “Keep In Your Heart” will take its deserved place in the list of your favorite music.


01. Shawasana
02. Only Love
03. Keep In Your Heart
04. Masala Putri
05. Billy’s Jeans Meet The Desert Night
06. Monks Gonna Funky
07. Give Me Liberty
08. I’ll Better Walk Alone
09. Chronos & OkoloSna – Sumerian Crystal
10. Kunilingus ( Kunio Live Version)
11. OkoloSna & Chronos – Fallen Sky
12. Leelah (Mystic Edit)


Next Performances

Mystic Sound Party

October 15, 2016, Russia