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Природный инстинкт. Нелесной лес.

Вышел долгожданный фильм моего друга Евгения Ахатова о природе с моей музыкой!
Тематика данного фильма пронизана гармонией и работать над звуковым сопровождением - одно удовольствие!

Автор, ведущий, оператор:
Евгений Ахатов
Никита Клименко (Chronos Music)
Ольга Батова, Екатерина Преображенская


Chronos - Only Love (Progressive Mix)

New release on Plastic Magic, Canada!
In this cold russian summer days lets warm up with mixture of acoustic & electric vibes mixed in one musical story - for the heart & soul.
Guitar by Anton Salikov



New Release!
Warm, springy, ethnic & dance "Tathata" Just released in Canada!



Limit Breaker (Live Version)

New long awaited release!
Limit Breaker (Live Version)

The Ten

Long Waiting - Great Result!
Cultural Legacy (Live Version) released!

Specially for The Tenth Label Birthday, Sentimony Records team ready to presents a new psychill compilation «The Ten».

Remix on Sundial Aeon

My remix on Sundial Aeon, Lunati Visions, is released on their new album "Vulcanosis"
Listen and buy.

Keep In Your Heart

Album "Keep In Your Heart" in Top 10 psychill albums in 2016!

Next Performances

Mystic Sound Party

October 15, 2016, Russia